Kids' Classes

Our highly trained and experienced teachers, regularly observed by the Director of Studies, ensure our objectives and standards are met. Kids' classes at ih create a dynamic, fun and memorable learning experience.


We believe that children (ages 6 - 12) learn best in an environment where they can practise and play with the language. We use an English only approach in all our classroom activities to create a solid foundation in both spoken and written English. Small class sizes (max. 12) also allow for greater personal attention and better integration and interaction.

We use a wide range of activities, resources and methods including:

  • drawing on the best of communicative teaching approaches for younger learners and multiple intelligences theory
  • a wide range of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic activities to appeal to different kinds of learners
  • multimedia, games, songs and projects to engage the students but at the same time paying attention to the development of reading and writing skills

We also arrange various extracurricular activities throughout the year such as theatre trips, sing-a-longs and our very popular kids' club.