how we teach

At International House we strive to create an environment where students are motivated to learn for themselves. Our objective is to make learning an active process. Every day we explore new ways for our students to participate in group tasks, using the language they need to communicate in the real world. Understanding the importance of having a wide vocabulary, many activities combine games, drama, video, song and technology in order to facilitate this learning and make the experience memorable and enjoyable.

There are a maximum of 12 students in group classes, which allows the teacher to identify the learning style and difficulties of individual learners.

ih's international success owes to:

  • a team of motivated and highly qualified teachers.
  • constantly updated ideas and materials.
  • clear, professional guidelines to maintain the high quality of language teaching at a worldwide level.
  • frequent observation of classes to allow for continual improvement and overall quality control.
  • the support of a worldwide organisation with more than 71 years of experience in language teaching and teacher training.