International House Buenos Aires – World levels

IH Buenos Aires CEF - Common European Framework ALTE - Association of Language Testers in Europe Cambridge ESOL TOEFL iBT IELTS
Beginner A1 Breakthrough 0 - Beginner
You have no previous knowledge of the language
0 - 1
Elementary A2 Waystage 1 - Elementary
Basic communication is possible with assistance and you understand simple sentences spoken slowly and clearly
Key English Test)
Intermediate 1 B1 Threshold 2 - Lower Intermediate
You can make effective and independent use of the language in familiar situations although there are still lapses in communication
(Preliminary Englsih Test)
57-86 4-5
Intermediate 2
Upper Intermediate 1 B2 Vantage 3 - Upper Intermediate
Your use of the language is consistent and usually appropriate but lapses in fluency and accuracy still occur in complex situations
(First Certificate in English)
87-109 6-7
Upper Intermediate 2
Advanced 1 C1 Operational Proficiency 4 - Advanced
You have a good command of the language. It is fluent, accurate and well-organized with only a few uncertainties in complex and difficult situations
(Certificate of Advanced English)
110 - 120 7-8
Advanced 2
Proficiency 1 C2 Mastery 5 - Very Advanced
You have an excellent command of the language and can tackle the most difficult tasks
(Certificate of Proficiency in English)
Proficiency 2

The International House Quick Level Test

Test Score IH Buenos Aires Common European Framework Cambridge Exams
1 - 40 Beginner/Elementary A2 KET
41 - 60 Intermediate 1/Intermediate 2 B2 PET
61 - 80 Upper Intermediate 1/Upper Intermediate 2 B2 FCE
81 - 90 Advanced 1/Advanced 2 C1 CAE
91 - 100 Proficiency 1/Proficiency 2 C1 CPE

To find out your level and the courses we can offer, please visit us at the institute to do a level test. It is free and without commitment, and consists of an interview with the teacher, a written component and a grammar and vocabulary component.