General English

We aim to help learners communicate effectively in English paying special attention to pronunciation skills and grammar.

Our classes are popular because we:

  • Ensure that students have many opportunities to speak during lessons. There is an emphasis on learning to communicate through interaction e.g. through pair and group work, role-plays, information gap activities etc.
  • Incorporate learners own personal experiences and interests in the classroom. This not only makes the lessons more motivating but means that students practise the English they need to talk about topics relevant to them and their lives outside of the classroom.
  • Use authentic texts in the classroom e.g. internet articles, recordings and online videos to ensure that lessons are up-to-date, varied and interesting.
  • Help learners to understand not only the language but also the best ways to learn. We help students create good studying strategies for both within and outside the classroom environment.

Our classes incorporate the teaching of all four skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking. In addition, we help learners to discover language rules (e.g. grammar and pronunciation) for themselves, thereby successfully developing students' abilities and confidence with the language.

Year round classes

Although the academic year runs from March to November, students can join classes at any time of year. Every effort is made to make new students feel comfortable as part of the group and quickly get up to speed with the class's progress so far.

Intensive courses

Intensive courses in monthly modules in December, January & February. One and a half and three hour per day courses (Monday - Thursday) supplemented with online work via net languages. Successful completion of both the January & February 3-hour daily module is equivalent to one academic year.